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Year 5 & Year 6 Girls’ Prep Pupils Watch Surrey Storm vs London Pulse Netball Match

Posted: 18th March 2024

On Saturday 24 February, a group of Year 5 and 6 girls were treated to watch Surrey Storm vs London Pulse in the Netball Super League at Surrey Sports Park.


When we arrived at the netball arena, it was like stepping into a world of cheers, laughter, and colourful team spirit. One of the players from each team smiled and waved at me and my partner. The atmosphere was buzzing with energy. 


Netball is a super-fast and exciting sport, with players running, passing, and shooting goals. We were cheering and clapping for the two teams in our seats. It was like being part of our own little cheering squad! 


In the interval between the first and second quarters, our school got a shout-out from the commentator. For most of us, it was our first live experience of watching netball in the stadium. On hearing our school being mentioned, we were all overwhelmed and over the moon. 


We learned that in netball, working together is super important, just like how we work together in class – the players had to pass the ball, help each other, and score goals as a team. After a thrilling four quarters, London Pulse emerged victorious over Surrey Storm, with a final score of 62 – 46. Irrespective of the result, both teams received a standing ovation from the audience.


We had a blast and are very grateful to our school and teachers for giving us this wonderful opportunity. 


We saw how sports can bring people together and make everyone happy. 


By Y6 Journalists, Corinna, Kimaya, and Liya.

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