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Drama & Dance

At Surbiton High School, the Drama & Dance Department strives to unlock and nourish pupils’ potential in the performing arts by providing them with a wide and stimulating curriculum, which is complemented by our diverse Co-curricular programme.

Our department’s philosophy states that Drama and Dance teaching should nurture the development of each pupil, whilst ensuring pupils acquire the skills and knowledge base of drama, dance, theatre and cross-curricular topics explored (both practically and theoretically) through the medium of drama and dance. This nurturing comes from the safety and opportunity for the development, the learning, the understanding and the growth of everyone.

My confidence has been boosted massively through Drama and having the opportunity to perform both inside the classroom and out.

Tamara, Ex-Pupil

When pupils reach GCSE and A-level, this develops further to enable them to develop as practitioners in their own right, through stimulating them with exciting material and training them with the necessary skills and theory to achieve in their examinations.

The Drama and Dance Department continually revise and update our Co-curricular programme to ensure that we are offering a range of bespoke, challenging and engaging activities for pupils to be part of. There are numerous opportunities for pupils to join drama and dance companies and perform to live audiences, such as the annual High School Musical, Year 7 Production, Year 8 and 9 Production, Senior Drama Company and our annual dance show, ‘Evolve’, to name a few.