Aims & Ethos

Surbiton High School seeks to realise the vision of the School by being true to its ethos and by cultivating its aims. Its mission is to cultivate those aims through delivering exceptional educational provision, epitomised by an absorbing curriculum with first-class teaching and learning, exceptional co-curricular opportunities and continuing encouragement, motivation and development of character.


  • Surbiton High School aims to inspire, encourage and empower our young people to discover and liberate the very best of themselves, exceeding their potential in an intellectually rigorous and challenging academic environment, balanced with outstanding pastoral care and support

We achieve these aims through our Charter for Well-beingOur children:

  • are inspired to deploy their highest strengths to tackle all situations, developing a growth mind-set and a can-do attitude, equipped with the tools to maximise their positive emotions
  • are encouraged to find their niche, to be fully engaged in educational activities and to meet the highest challenges that come their way
  • are coached and encouraged to develop strong relationships, to be empathetic and responsive to the needs of themselves and others
  • are empowered to lead a meaningful life, to be able to understand what their goals are and to know what they are striving for
  • are empowered to draw strength from celebrating their accomplishments, in order to tackle new challenges

We achieve these aims through our inculcation of Learning HabitsOur children:

  • are inspired in their thinking, to ask questions, to make connections, to imagine possibilities, to reason methodically and to capitalise on their resources
  • are encouraged to be emotionally invested in their learning, persevering in the face of difficulties, noticing subtle differences and patterns, managing their distractions, and becoming absorbed in their learning
  • are empowered to be fully involved in their learning, growing in interdependence, collaborating effectively, listening empathetically to others, and imitating their learning habits
  • are inspired, encouraged and empowered to be productive, planning their learning in advance, revising and reviewing their progress, distilling important information, and developing their own meta-learning


  • We are a vibrant learning community, which inspires every child to discover and embrace their individuality, to grow in their intellectual curiosity, and to enjoy their independence
  • We acknowledge that there is no such thing as a typical Surbiton High School pupil and that impressive academic results are just one aspect in our rich tapestry of educational provision; therefore, we encourage every child to grow in compassion, respect and an outward looking attitude, living out the School’s motto: Amor nos semper ducat (May love always lead us)
  • We empower every child to thrive, developing social and emotional intelligence to become rounded and grounded in their character, demonstrating kindness and service to others

United Learning and the United Church Schools Trust

Surbiton High School is part of United Learning and the United Church Schools’ Trust. The School has an Anglican foundation, valuing its Christian heritage whilst welcoming staff and children from all faiths and none. We share with United Learning its core mission statement “to bring out the best in everyone”. We are committed to the aims of United Learning, including its Framework for Excellence, which can be found at: