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Boys’ Prep Co-Curricular

Co-Curricular Programme

Surbiton High Boys’ Prep are committed to providing an outstanding all-round education and allowing boys to identify their strengths and passions are an important part of school life. Our Co-curricular clubs are an excellent way for our boys to make new friends, interact with new ideas and connect with their interests.  

Co-curricular opportunities are available across the spectrum of Art & Design, Dance, Drama, Languages, Music, Science and IT and from year group productions to bikeability, cooking and music and drama exams. A truly diverse range of activities designed to inspire. 

Our Co-curricular Programme is designed for boys to learn teamwork, leadership and life skills as well as enhancing resilience and perseverance. A broad range of activities include Book Club, Chess, Lego Engineering, Coding and take place alongside Drama, Streetdance and Music Technology and Quiz Club. Our pupils are supported with Phonics and ABC clubs and extended, stretched and challenged with a range of academic clubs. 

Residential Trips

Residential trips are also an integral part of your son’s education – fostering independence, learning/practising new skills and most importantly creating experiences they will remember for life. Our boys have the opportunity to head to High Ahshurst, Ufton Court, and Mersea Island as well as taking part in a Sports Tour and becoming experts in Bushcraft!

Co-Curricular Booklet

By providing a comprehensive co-curricular programme, we strive to create opportunities for the boys to discover their talents, pursue their passions, and develop as well-rounded individuals. 

Enjoy looking through the co-curricular booklet below and discover what might ignite a new passion in your son.