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Girls’ Prep Drama & Dance

At Surbiton Girls’ Preparatory, we believe in a holistic education and thus Dance and Drama is an essential part of our curriculum. The benefits of Performing Arts permeate every area of our lives, both personal and social, and therefore it is crucial that our girls be exposed to this subject at a young age. Our girls are taught practical and theoretical skills that will be of value far beyond their Schooling careers.

We focus on the development of motor skills, spatial awareness, rhythm, communication, vocalisation, improvisation, effective acting techniques and the expression of the whole body, all with the end goal of developing confident, creative individuals.

Pupils from Reception to Year 6 are given opportunities to perform both in and outside of the classroom, both in formal Dance and Drama lessons, as well as in extra-curricular Dance Clubs and Drama Clubs. Every year, Surbiton Girls’ Prep hosts: a Key Stage 1 Nativity Play and Year 4 and Year 6 major productions, often taking the form of a Musical. In addition to this, Year 3 and Year 5 have the opportunity to perform in their own Dance and Drama showcase. There are also opportunities for performance in Inter House Competitions, Poetry Day recitals and Class Assemblies. Some girls choose to take their LAMDA exams, which are offered through a private programme on site. There are many opportunities for the girls to watch live theatre. This includes an annual trip to a London Theatre, enjoying workshops run by various Theatre Companies, as well as watching our fellow Schools productions.

Our Drama and Movement curriculum gives our pupils an opportunity to work collaboratively, as well as independently. In this subject, they will have to think critically, persevere through challenges, ask questions and use their imagination; all an integral part of the Learning Habits we aim to instil in our pupils. Dance and Drama at Surbiton Girls’ Prep is an exciting subject that filters into every area of School life.

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