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Politics A-Level

Examination Board: Edexcel

Politics is a dynamic, exciting and empowering A-level subject which opens doors to a wide range of university courses and career opportunities. Students taking Politics gain unique insight into how the political systems of both the UK and USA operate as well as the major political ideas that have shaped and continue to shape societies all over the world. Students also get a chance to study a ‘living subject’ that never stands still – stories they see in the news on the way into School will likely form part of their studies in one way–or another!

Through the A-level, students quickly develop critical thinking and analytical skills that will empower them throughout their lives. There are lively classroom discussions, where ideas can flourish, and perspectives will be challenged, fostering an intellectual environment that encourages growth and exploration.

Politics does not end at the classroom door – to be successful in the subject, students must take an interest in current affairs and the major political events that are taking place at a given time. Podcasts, documentaries, magazines, books, newspapers, social media are all fantastic ways for students to immerse themselves in the subject and get the most out of the A-level. The department produces podcasts, runs mock elections and a Politics & International Relations Club which all provide an opportunity for students to bring their studies to life and develop their leadership and teamwork skills.

Although many of our students go on to study politics-related courses at top universities, this is not the only route that students can take. The skills and qualities gained throughout the A-level are good preparation for degrees such as History, Law, Philosophy, Economics and Sociology and can lead to a wide variety of careers in government or in the private sector.


Component 1 - UK Politics

Written examination: 2 hours
Content overview
■ UK Politics, students will study:
Democracy and Participation, Political Parties, Electoral Systems & Referendums, Voting Behaviour and The Media.
■ Core Political Ideas, students will study:
Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism.
Assessment overview
Section A: UK Politics: two 30-mark questions
Section B: Core Political Ideas: one 24-mark question

Component 2 - UK Government

Written examination: 2 hours
Content overview
■ UK Government, students will study:
The Constitution, Parliament, Prime Minister and Cabinet, Relationships Between the Branches.
■ Non-Core Political Ideas, students will study:
Assessment overview
Section A: UK Government: two 30-mark questions
Section B: Non-Core Political Ideas: one 24-mark question

Component 3 - Comparative Politics

Written examination: 2 hours
Content overview
■ The USA, students will study:
The US Constitution and Federalism, US Congress, US President, US Supreme Court & Civil Rights, Democracy and Participation.
Assessment overview
Section A: 12-mark question
Section B: 12-mark question
Section C: Two 30-mark questions

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