Surbiton High prides itself on its outstanding pastoral care

Our pastoral care and commitment to the well-being of every member of our community underpins the very essence of school life. Our pupils are inspired, encouraged and empowered to build their own lives. Through careful guidance and nourishment, they are able to discover their strengths, celebrate their successes, build life-long relationships and flourish.

Our philosophy is simple: we see flourishing as life going well; it is a sense that you feel like you are winning, even if things are hard.

We developed our Charter for Well-being which is based on the growing body of scientific evidence and understanding on what we need to flourish. The Charter empowers our pupils to identify for themselves how they can develop, grow and flourish.

We believe passionately that every child is an individual and a ‘one-size education’ does not fit all, and we help all our pupils to achieve their potential by getting to know them as people.

All pupils are assigned to a Form Group of no more than 25 pupils. To help to build strong relationships, our Forms are determined by postcode. Pupils start every day seeing their tutor. Each tutor group has a Tutor and Deputy Tutor who work together with the girls.

Through our 1:1 coaching programme, target setting, PSHE and well-being programme, the tutors work alongside the girls offering a guiding hand and challenging them to problem solve and to think for themselves.

Tutors encourage the girls to be accountable for their actions and to let us know when things are not right.

Well-Being Activities

Unlike the traditional role that House systems often play in schools, at Surbiton High our Houses have at their heart, social enterprise. Girls are given the opportunity to develop leadership potential and to build meaning into their lives. Engagement in a charitable endeavour is very important to us and we are proud of the outreach programme our girls have the chance to be part of.

“[Pupils] are emotionally mature, speaking about their aspirations and the need to achieve their ambitions whilst retaining an empathy with those less fortunate”. (ISI, 2015)

“Pupils show a genuine sense of services to others, raising funds for a large number of worthwhile causes”. (ISI, 2015)


“[The School] takes an active role in ensuring that they [pupils] are well prepared in order to become citizens in modern Britain”. (ISI, 2015)

In 2017 we began our SCOPE (SurbitonCOPE) programme, where the whole school comes together to focus on personal development. Alongside weekly PSHE lessons, we equip our girls with the knowledge, skills and strategies to cope in today’s world.

Spiritual Life

“Well-developed spiritual awareness is evident throughout all year groups…” (ISI, 2015)

Pupils are encouraged to discover for themselves their own spirituality.  Through weekly periods of reflection, assemblies, Form activities, discussion forums and acts of worship, we acknowledge the importance of spirituality in building meaning to our existence.

Surbiton High is proud of its Christian heritage (founded in 1884 by the Church School Company) but in line with our ethos and values we welcome, respect and embrace all faiths and none. The School is fortunate to have strong relationships a number of local churches and together we join to experience key dates in the School and Church calendars, such as Founders’ Day, Christmas, Easter, Harvest and Remembrance.

Pupils have the ability to challenge things that could prevent them from developing into confident adults.

(ISI, 2015)

Running the remote learning as if my daughter was in school in terms of the timetable has been excellent. It has helped with her motivation and she has taken seriously the work / having a quiet space / and completed her homework as she would as if she’d been in the classroom. Very impressed with how quickly this was implemented.

Year 10 Parent