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Green & Silver Club Award & Bursary Fund

Green & Silver Club Sixth Form Award

The Green & Silver Club Sixth Form Award will be given to a pupil or pupils who for financial reasons would not otherwise be able to progress into the Sixth Form. The award is up to 30% of the current School fees, and to be eligible for this award, the pupil or pupils must have attended SHS since Year 7. Members of the Green & Silver Club Committee, along with the Principal, will decide on the recipient/s of the Award. The pupils chosen are expected to be future Ambassadors for the Green & Silver Club.

How to Apply

The Sixth Form Scholarship & Transition form will request that you indicate if you would like to apply for the Green & Silver Club Award. The Admissions team will then invite you to sign up to the online Bursary Management Portal, where you will be able to submit an initial application.

The initial application must first be approved by a member of the Green & Silver Club Committee (based on our eligibility criteria), after which, you will be asked to submit evidence of your income. The completed application will then be sent to an external company, Bursary Administration Limited (BAL), who will complete a financial assessment and provide a recommendation of support to the Green & Silver Club.

In addition, pupils will be asked to complete a personal statement, and this will be the pupils’ opportunity to demonstrate why they are a suitable candidate for the award.


Surbiton High School and the Green & Silver Club uses third-party software to administer bursary applications, provided by ITQ Metis. Your personal and financial details will be securely stored on their servers, and once your application has been submitted, your data will be securely transferred to Bursary Administration Limited for review.


Green & Silver Club Bursary Fund

The Green & Silver Club Bursary fund has been established to offer limited short-term bursarial assistance to any pupil who is experiencing financial difficulties and would otherwise be unable to continue their education at Surbiton High School. Should you require further information, please contact our Head of Development –