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Surbiton High School are able to offer a limited number of means-tested Church School Foundation Bursaries, to support the cost of independent education for low-income families. Bursaries can be awarded for entry into our Senior School or Sixth Form only. There is strong competition for bursaries, and they are awarded based on academic potential, demonstrated through the entry process, and a subsequent financial assessment.

The value of the Bursary award will be reviewed annually to account for changes in circumstances.

Please note that we are not able to offer 100% bursaries and parents are expected to contribute to the fees.

How to Apply

The application form will request that you indicate if you would like to apply for a bursary. The Admissions team will then invite you to sign up to the online Bursary Management Portal, where you will be able to submit an initial application.

The initial application must first be approved by the School (based on our eligibility criteria), after which, you will be asked to submit evidence of your income. The completed application will then be sent to an external company, Bursary Administration Limited (BAL), who will complete a financial assessment and provide a recommendation of support to the School.

We will then communicate a final outcome to parents, based on BAL’s financial assessment and the results of our entrance examination and interview.


This eligibility is only meant as a guideline. Surbiton High School reserves the right to award bursaries outside of these criteria, where deemed appropriate.

• Families with an income of less than £100,000 are likely to be considered for a bursary.
• Families with assets not exceeding £150,000 (not including the family home) are likely to be considered for a bursary. The only exception to this is where the family home is valued at £750,000 or more, in which case, the value exceeding £750,000 will be used to calculate the total value of assets.

When calculating income and total value of assets, you will be asked to provide financial details for both parents and any stepparents or partners.


Surbiton High School uses third-party software to administer bursary applications, provided by ITQ Metis. Your personal and financial details will be securely stored on their servers, and once your application has been submitted, your data will be securely transferred to Bursary Administration Limited for review.