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Explore Surbiton High School through the lens of impartial reports and insightful reviews, providing an in-depth look at our commitment to education excellence.


Surbiton High School is inspected by the Independent School Inspectorate (ISI). The ISI are appointed by the Department for Education to inspect association independent schools and to report on the extent to which schools meet statutory requirements.    

We welcomed the ISI team into the School in March 2023 for a Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection. The Focused Compliance Inspection reports on the school’s compliance with the regulatory standards; which are either ‘met’ or ‘not met’.  

We are delighted that Surbiton High School ‘met’ the requirements across the eight key areas.  

The Educational Quality Inspection reports on the quality of education with two key outcomes; ‘achievement of pupils’, including curriculum, teaching and pastoral care, and ‘personal development of pupils’. A clear judgement is made on each aspect of using the following grading: ‘excellent’, ‘good’, ‘sound’ and ‘unsatisfactory’.  

 Surbiton High School was graded as ‘excellent’ in all areas. 

 Mrs Glover, Principal, commented: 

 I am so delighted with the ISI Inspection Report. Not only does it highlight the outstanding opportunities Surbiton High School offers its pupils, but it speaks of the academic rigour, the breadth of co-curricular opportunities and the superb pastoral care that underpins a Surbiton High School education. The report recognises that our pupils are intellectually curious, resilient and compassionate. They face challenges with vigour, show care to their peers and are culturally aware. The report is testament to the dedication of our staff, who encourage and develop our pupils with great skill and energy; to our pupils and the support of our parents and Local Governing Body.

We recommend reading the full ISI report and highlights which can be found below.

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Pupils’ moral understanding is highly developed and they readily take responsibility for their own behaviour.

Results show substantial improvement beyond predictions for pupils in almost all subjects.

Pupils’ ICT skills are excellent. The use of personal devices is embedded throughout the school and pupils see ICT as a natural part of their learning. They are adept at using different platforms and a wide range of software for research. . .

Pupils demonstrate highly developed and sophisticated study skills which are interwoven throughout  lessons.

In lessons and discussions, pupils of all ages and abilities clearly demonstrated excellent knowledge, understanding and skills across all areas of learning. Work seen was of a standard beyond and, in some cases, well beyond age-related expectations.

These excellent outcomes in pupils’ personal development are due to the strong commitment of senior leaders, governors and staff to providing high levels of caring and nurturing pastoral support.


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An ambitious arena for driven girls ready to embrace life and all its challenges. Never a dull moment, owing to the school’s growing reputation for offering outstanding provision across the board at a reasonable price. Recent ISI Inspection confirmed this, awarding the school excellent in all categories and exceptional for pupil achievement.

A happy, vibrant school for inquisitive and active girls. Unstuffy atmosphere but traditional ethos that fit comfortably with modern teaching and an innovative outlook.

A child-orientated school full of learning opportunities, where cheerful and articulate boys are also allowed to have fun and encouraged to be kind and thoughtful, with opportunities to link up with the girls’ prep.