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Community Outreach

Community Outreach Progamme

Surbiton High School is proud to be part of a strong and sharing community, and we are committed to fostering positive, productive and caring relationships with other schools, parents, residents and businesses in the wider community. Our Community Outreach programme is roughly comprised of three key strands: Community Classroom, Partnerships and Personal Enrichment.

Community Classrooms are an exciting and dynamic way to extend academic learning opportunities for young people, parents and local residents. They can take the form of adult evening courses, longer courses with qualification outcomes or weekend workshops for students of all ages.

Independent-State School Partnerships both broaden and enhance the experiences available for pupils and staff across all participants. Mutually beneficial relationships are invaluable in sharing support, knowledge and resources so that everyone gains; together we are stronger. Older pupils lead a range of ‘lessons’ and book clubs at neighbouring schools; leaders gain self-confidence, presentation skills and a genuine sense of selflessness. Clubbers can gain inspiration, knowledge and older, ‘cool’ friends.

Personal Enrichment gives wonderful opportunities for members of our local community and the School to develop through authentic and challenging experiences; these might arise as supporting work with charities or individual project work, global and local. Surbiton High School pupils flourish and thrive in the practical needs of project work and develop confidence and resilience outside of the classroom delivering project outcomes that really are appreciated by the community.


Surbiton Community Bank

The Surbiton High Community Bank, managed by our dedicated pupils, will launch in November. It will be a monthly pop-up event at the Surbiton Community Fridge, offering various essentials on a rotating basis, including hygiene, school supplies, baby items, and kids’ essentials.

Held on the first Thursday of the month. Next

Surbiton Community Bank is a pop-up event held at Surbiton Community Fridge located at 115 Brighton Road, Surbiton.

Community Classroom Events

Please stay tuned for additional details on upcoming community classroom events open to our local community!

  • Art History
  • History
  • Maths
  • Ri Computing Series
  • CoderDojo Coding Workshops

POP! Talks

As part of the School’s growing community outreach programme, we are delighted to launch Surbiton POP! Talks – an exciting series of thought-provoking, fun and engaging, educational talks.

Next session: POP! Talks: AI and our Shifting Education

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Surbiton High School is continuously developing its ties with other schools as we seek to create formal and informal partnerships which can benefit us all. It makes complete sense both geographically and, more importantly, philosophically, that we continue to develop our great relationship with our close neighbour, The Hollyfield School. We are aligned in our vision to build a better stronger community that supports its young people to be the best that they can be.

This year, we are thrilled to have launched Surbiton Science Partnerships, where we are working with numerous local schools to provide exciting opportunities for science enrichment for pupils and valuable inspiring CPD for staff.


If you are a school, charity, company, or an individual and would like to know more about our community outreach programme please contact