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Throughout your child’s time at Surbiton High School, they will have the opportunity to take part, learn and compete in a range of sports such as Athletics, Netball, Hockey, Gymnastics, and Tennis. Pupils will also take lessons covering Health Related Fitness (HRF) and Fundamental Skills.

Additionally, the PE department runs many co-curricular clubs and offers pupils the opportunity to be involved in matches against other schools and fitness and holiday training.

By Year 10, the pupils’ options of sports increase and given the opportunity to choose a PE Pathway based on their strengths for their weekly double lesson.  The pathways are outlined below.

Netball Dance Trampolining
Hockey Fitness Games
Fitness Gymnastics Athletics
Athletics Aerobics Tennis
Football Trampolining Football
Tennis Athletics Fitness
Cricket Cricket


At Surbiton High School, we have a collection of sports that have become known as the Super Eight Sports. These sports are Cricket; Football; Netball; Hockey; Gymnastics; Rowing; Tennis; and Skiing.

In these areas, we achieve borough, regional and national success.

Claire Wilson, Director of Sport


The SAS programme at Surbiton High School aims to support our elite sports performers, allowing them to achieve excellence in their sporting field and academic work.

One of the main purposes is to monitor and mentor the girls who are high sports achievers, providing them with a contact in School to help them with balancing work, training and competitions and allowing them to voice any concerns they may have. SAS is designed for girls who are very passionate about sport both inside and outside School. We aim to recognise and celebrate individual and team achievements of our girls in the variety of sports in which they perform.

In support of the girls’ training and competition, there are annual trips to conferences and universities, opportunities to hear elite performers speak about their experience as a high-level performer and opportunities to learn about careers in sport, gain advice on nutrition, time management and injury prevention amongst other sports-related topics.

We are delighted to announce that Surbiton High School has won the TES Sports Award 2019 in recognition of our ‘Sporting Choice for All’ Programme.

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