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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Surbiton High School, we are committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity, where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered. Our pupils will leave us to become global citizens and we want to ensure they do that through being able to celebrate and understand the uniqueness that each individual brings.

Celebrating our Differences

We recognise and embrace the unique qualities and experiences that each member of our community brings. The rich blend of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives makes Surbiton High School vibrant and dynamic. Assemblies, co-curricular clubs and activities, and Friday Reflections all allow us to celebrate our differences and highlight the achievements and contributions that individuals make to create our unique Surbiton High School community.

Empowering Our Community

For our community to become truly inclusive, we need to understand and empathise with others. This starts with our staff, and we have specific, regular, CPD training focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, led by Kavita Patel, Vice Principal, with sessions supported by our Learning Support Team and other Senior Leadership Team staff. Our DE&I Strategic team has Team Leads in each School who meet frequently to discuss the progress the School has made, and can make, to ensure a fair community for all. This includes consulting and working with our pupil body and running parent sessions to help understand a broad range of topics including Special Educational Needs, allies of the LGBTQ+ community, different family set-ups, etc.


Curriculum changes reflect the diversity we celebrate within the School. Changing the English curriculum to include more relevant and modern texts, a broadening of the religions studied in Religious Studies,  studying medieval world views and democracy and the civil rights amongst minority groups in History are just some of the examples in the Senior School. In our Prep Schools, the introduction of Black Tudors in the Boys’ Prep School, non-Eurocentric history in Humanities in the Girls’ Prep School, and more diverse texts in English have allowed the curriculum to become more inclusive. Our Parents’ Association have also contributed to the purchase of inclusive books for classrooms, ensuring pupils see their reality reflected through different texts. Our PSHE programme supports and educates our young people on a range of topics that educate and inform a broad set of opinions from democracy and diversity in the Prep Schools to diversity and inclusion in the Senior School.

Pupil Voice

Importantly, every pupil at Surbiton High School has a voice. Student Council meetings in the Senior School, Pupil Leadership Team meetings in the Prep Schools, and dedicated clubs such as LGBTQ+, African, Caribbean, and Asian Society (ACAS), mentoring, Form Time discussions, and taking the lead on assemblies, all allow our pupils to be themselves. They can share their world with their peers and can benefit from others doing the same. Our open-door policy allows pupils to make suggestions, and raise concerns with staff, the Senior leadership Team, or if preferred, anonymously too.

Moving Forward

We understand that our work in the development of DE&I requires continuous effort and action and there is not a finite conclusion. As a School, we are committed to regular evaluation and improvement, ensuring that our practices align with the evolving needs of our community so that we build trust amongst our community and foster an environment where all individuals feel valued and respected.

Mrs Kavita Patel, Vice Principal, is responsible for leading and developing the School’s DE&I strategy, alongside Connor Pyper-Williams (Boys’ Prep) and Roberta Doherty (Girls’ Prep).

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