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Boys’ Prep Teaching & Learning

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that goes beyond that expected by the National Curriculum. There is understandably a key focus on the core skills of English and Mathematics, but we regard all aspects of our curriculum as important to the holistic development of our boys.

Learning at Surbiton is an exciting adventure. Our boys are explorers who look closely at the world, ask their own questions and make their own discoveries. We encourage them to take control of their learning at an early age, to think creatively, and to defend their opinions with clarity and confidence.

Our lessons are interactive and practical, with an emphasis on teamwork, fun and skills development. We promote lateral thinking, independence and responsibility in all areas of school life and beyond, allowing our boys opportunities to flourish as individuals.

Our focus has always been to provide our pupils with high quality learning opportunities, which provide them with the necessary skills and attitudes to be the best learners they can be.



Art Drama
English History
Geography Languages
Maths Music
Science Sports
Religious Education Reasoning

As staff, we have reviewed the curriculum and created finer and more explicit links between the different subjects, to connect them more openly. This has helped the boys experience a broader understanding of how learning is interwoven and not entirely subject discrete. The timetables still represent the separate subjects of English, Humanities and Science, but the delivery reflects a common theme, connecting objectives, skills and knowledge. Our focus is always on high academic expectations, quality experiences and enjoyment and engagement in the learning process.

The boys in Reception and Key Stage 1 are predominantly taught by their Form Teacher; as the boys move through Key Stage 2, we adopt a specialist approach to their experiences, preparing them well for Senior School. The boys throughout the School have specialist teachers for Languages, Music and PE.

In the Boys’ Prep we believe our pupils can learn how to learn, persevere and develop their character through explicit means. In line with the Senior School and Girls’ Prep we are building our pupils’ learning habits, with a strong focus on perseverance, empathy and listening, managing distractions, collaboration and questioning. These aspects of learning are interwoven with the curriculum delivery and can be seen in all areas of school life.