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Welcome from the Head of Boys’ Prep

At Surbiton High Boys’ Prep, we have an excellent record of academic achievement which is achieved through a thorough, exemplary curriculum from Reception through to Year 6. Here, children learn from exceptional, passionate teachers in a community where learning is prized and curiosity welcomed. The staff inspire and encourage each individual pupil, enabling them to fulfil their potential, whilst helping them to recognise their own qualities and strengths.

We encourage the boys to think creatively and critically, taking ownership of their learning from an early age. We value the importance of having an opinion that can be articulated and explained and give the boys plenty of opportunities to freely voice their views. Our lessons are interactive and practical, with an emphasis on teamwork, fun and skills development. We promote lateral thinking, independence and responsibility in all areas of school life and beyond, allowing our boys’ opportunities to flourish as individuals.

Our boys live the school motto; ‘May love always lead us’. They are sensitive, thoughtful and sociable whilst thriving in all areas of the curriculum. The pupils enjoy a diverse range of cultural and sporting experiences in a community that celebrates success in many arenas. We provide an outstanding, rounded education for each of our pupils and encourage them to embrace all the opportunities on offer.

‘Respect, resilience and responsibility’ are the guiding principles that underpin every aspect of our pupils’ school life. It goes without saying that they are at the forefront of teaching and learning in the School, but they are the thread that weaves through every aspect of the school community. Our pupils have a spirit of pride and ownership in their School and create the warm, welcoming environment that they are part of.

The journey to the boys’ chosen senior schools is an opportunity for us to carve a fruitful foundation for the challenges of adulthood. Surbiton High Boys’ Prep helps our pupils to explore who they are and what they are striving for. Our boys leave us as confident, happy individuals who are ready to face the challenges of the next step in their journey.

Mrs Tracey Chong
Head of Surbiton High Boys’ Prep

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