Sixth Form Overview

The Scholarship Assessment timeline for September 2023 entry is as follows:

• Scholarship Application deadline (including registration for Entrance Examination and Bursary applications) – 12.00pm on Friday 30 September 2022
• Scholarship Assessments – early October 2022 – mid November
• Academic Scholarship Examinations – Tuesday 4 October 2022 – 1.30-5.30pm
• Outcome of Scholarship Assessments communicated – w/c 21 November 2022


Click on the relevant Scholarship below to find out more about the application criteria, shortlisting process and guidance for assessment for shortlisted candidates.



To apply for a Scholarship please complete the online Scholarship Application Form and provide any supporting evidence required, clearly labelled with the applicant’s name by post or by hand to the Admissions Office, Surbiton High School, 13-15 Surbiton Crescent, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2JT.

Your daughter may apply for more than one Scholarship and fee remissions may be combined with Bursary awards. If she performs exceptionally well in more than one Scholarship assessment, she may be considered for the Principal’s Award. Please note that candidates cannot apply for the Principal’s Award.

Applications and supporting evidence for 2023 entry must be received by the deadline of 12.00pm on Thursday 3 November 2022. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Portfolios, other than Art Portfolios, will not automatically be returned. If you wish to collect your portfolio, please arrange this with the Admissions office after the outcome of the Scholarships and Entrance Examinations are announced, portfolios not collected by the end of the Autumn Term will be disposed of securely.


The Principal’s Award celebrates outstanding achievement and is awarded to a candidate(s) in recognition of their exceptional performance. Please note that candidates cannot apply for the Principal’s Award.


Scholarships are awarded to candidates demonstrating a high level of ability in their chosen discipline(s), well above the normal level of ability for their age.

Scholarships awarded in Year 7 are tenable until a pupil finishes Year 11 but will be reviewed on an annual basis until Year 11 to ensure that the pupil continues to meet the specific criteria for that discipline. Scholars are expected to participate fully in their area of excellence for the duration of their time as a Scholar. Pupils will then have the opportunity to apply for Sixth Form Scholarships in Year 11.

Academic Scholarships are awarded solely on performance in both of the Entrance Examination papers and cannot be applied for in advance. Pupils awarded an Academic Scholarship will be expected to take part in appropriately directed academic pursuits throughout the year and, at the end of each year, to perform on average in the top 25% of the year group in internal examinations.

Some examples of activities we would encourage Scholars to participate may include:

  • Leading year-group and whole-school assemblies (with support from relevant members of staff)
  • Entering school, local, national and international competitions in subject areas that are of interest to them
  • Taking time during weekends and/or holidays to explore their learning beyond the classroom, through directed and bespoke targets set by members of staff.

Terms and Conditions of Awards – Scholarships