Students in the class using iPads and laptops


Candidates are required to demonstrate all-round academic excellence through performance in the Scholarship examinations and a subject-specific interview. The Academic Scholarship examination is made up of three parts:

Part I – Cognitive Ability (1hr 30mins)
All potential Scholars sit a multiple-choice test designed to measure their ability to think quickly, solve novel problems and understand and learn rapidly. These skills are something that they have developed over their lifetime, and they will continue to develop.

Part II – Application of Knowledge (1hr 10mins)
Applicants complete one of five optional pathways:

• Option A Pathway 1 – Arts and Humanities (1hr 10mins)

In Section 1 of the Arts and Humanities option, applicants will have to comment on a piece of writing using the information to complete a short response and a longer response. In Section 2, they will complete one essay from a choice of titles. Both sections do not require specific pre-existing subject knowledge; it is discursive and analytical ability that is being assessed. Five minutes is allocated for reading and absorbing the information provided.

• Option B Pathway 2 – Science – Core Maths (30mins) + Physics (40mins)
• Option B Pathway 3 – Science – Core Maths (30mins) + Chemistry (40mins)
• Option B Pathway 4 – Science – Core Maths (30mins) + Biology (40mins)
• Option C Pathway 5 – Core Maths (30mins) + Advanced Maths (40mins)

No knowledge beyond GCSE courses is required; the academically most able will have the ability to capitalise on the resources and reason through the arguments and information to draw out the information needed to answer the questions. Applicants on Pathways 2 to 4 will answer a selection of multiple-choice and longer-answer questions that assess their ability to apply their mathematical and scientific knowledge quickly and confidently. Applicants will only be tested on content covered in their Maths and Science lessons to date, so no further study is required.

Note: All applicants on Pathways 2 to 5 will sit a Core Maths paper (30mins) that tests mathematical skills and knowledge needed to excel in Pathways 2 to 5 and within content covered in iGCSE Maths.

Part III Interview
The aim of the interview is to explore the candidate’s aspirations for the future, and how they respond to unseen material. No specific pre-existing subject knowledge beyond their GCSE studies is required. Candidates will be expected to make links between different subjects and be able to vocalise their thought processes. They will be interviewed by at least one member of teaching staff within their subject specialism/pathway.