children with their exam results

Exam Results

Despite the challenging and changing educational environment for our students over the last two years, our students and staff have worked tirelessly throughout to ensure the absolute best outcomes for our students, and this has been rewarded with such fantastic results.

Rebecca Glover

A-level & GCSE Results

Our congratulations go out to both our 2022 A-level and GCSE cohorts who have achieved excellent results, despite the challenges of lockdowns and remote learning which became an integral part of their courses.

A-level Information

Jon Owen, Director of Sixth Form, stated:  

“We are delighted that the effort and dedication that our students have shown is reflected in their outcomes. Each and every student has faced their own challenges over the past two years and these are amazing results. There is great breadth of variety in the courses that our students will be going on to study and our co-curricular and subject breadth allows pupils to explore their passions, whilst our award-winning careers and UCAS support programmes allow students to also benefit from fantastic university and higher education pathways.”

Over 91% will be heading off to their first-choice university and further to this we have maintained our success rate of successful applications to Russell Group and Times Top 10 Universities, and medical or dental schools with 95% of students heading to these prestigious destinations and six students have accepted their places at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. This is despite a more challenging year for competitive entry courses. The remainder of our students are heading off to study at international universities and some of the most prestigious drama schools, conservatoires and art colleges. 

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GCSE Information

As with our A-level students, GCSE pupils have faced the many challenges of remote learning throughout the course of their GCSE studies. We are delighted so many of our pupils will continue to build on their successes within the Sixth Form with over 80 pupils continuing to study STEM subjects at A-level.

Surbiton High School’s Principal, Rebecca Glover, commented:

“My heartfelt congratulations go out to this amazing group of pupils, who as with our A-level students, have adapted so proficiently over the course of their studies. We look forward to continuing to work with this cohort throughout Sixth Form, where we can continue to support and guide them through their A-levels and they can flourish as independent learners.”

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