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Sixth Form Entry Requirements

Our aim is to ensure pupils play to their strengths, enjoy their A-level studies and are successful as they progress beyond their A-level studies. We consider each pupil on a case-by-case basis and, as such, we will discuss the best options and combinations that will allow for progression post A-level.

For automatic entry onto A-level Maths, a grade 8 at GCSE is required. For automatic entry on A-level Science courses, a grade 8 at GCSE Maths and the relevant Science subject is required. Those who don’t achieve a grade 8 may only be permitted onto their chosen courses after discussion with a member of SLT.

In order for students to gain automatic entry onto any other A-level subjects, they are required to achieve at least a grade 7 at GCSE in the relevant subject.

For subjects which are new at A-level, the following GCSE grades will be used as the best indicators for potential success in the subject and therefore are required for automatic entry:

For Economics and Psychology, grade 7 in Maths and either English Literature or Language. In addition for Psychology, a grade 7 in a Science GCSE is also desirable.

For Sociology, a grade 6 in either English Literature or Language.

For Business, a grade 6 in Maths and either English Literature or Language.

For Classical Civilisation, History of Art, Philosophy and Politics, a grade 7 in either English Literature or Language or History.

For Computer Science, a grade 7 in Maths.

For Photography, a grade 7 in Art or Art Photography. Any applicants without an Art or Art Photography GCSE will need to demonstrate potential and interest through submitting a portfolio and an interview with a member of the department.

For Design Technology, a grade 7 in Maths, Physics or Art. Any applicants without a DT GCSE will need to demonstrate potential and interest and will be invited to an interview with a member of the department.




The majority of girls from our own Senior School move up to the Sixth Form. We also have students joining us from a variety of local state and independent schools, as well as those who relocate from overseas.


Allowing our new joiners to integrate with our existing students is very important to us. We find that friendships evolve naturally in Sixth Form and even students who have been with us for a long time making lots of new friends when they move into Year 12. Each of our new students has their own individual needs in terms of integration into the School environment with some wanting to do this themselves and others wanting additional support – we aim to do this on a one to one basis.  We will always try to buddy a new student with another student, if this is something they would find helpful, and our form groups are clustered by subject choices, which has significant benefits during the first few weeks as they find their feet. The form groups are mixed from Year 11 in to Year 12 to help all students make new friends and settle in more quickly. The huge range of co-curricular clubs also helps students find peers with similar interests very quickly.


If you are applying from overseas and are not sitting GCSE examinations, we will ask you to sit entrance examinations in Maths, English and a language or other appropriate subject. Any offer made will be conditional on passing these entrance examinations and on the A-level subject choices agreed with you during your interview.


We offer a bespoke Admissions service, aiming to ensure that every applicant makes the right choice for her A-level subjects. After an applicant has completed her Morrisby profile, our Sixth Form Director and Head of Careers will analyse the results.

All Year 12 applicants will then be invited in for an interview with the Director of Sixth Form.  To help direct them to the most suitable subject choices, he will discuss their intended university and career aspirations, as well as find out more about their academic and co-curricular interests and achievements. A parent or guardian is welcome to accompany their daughter to the interview.

Once pupils are accepted into the Sixth Form, we have an experienced team offering a tailored Oxbridge Programme, strong pastoral support, plus subject and careers advice throughout their time in the Sixth Form.


In Year 12, all students have the opportunity to undertake the AQA Level 3 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This is worth half a A level so can be used to support UCAS applications.

The EPQ Taught Course is covered during curriculum time, with the independent research supported by an EPQ supervisor, who is a member of staff.

The EPQ is particularly valuable in developing girls’ ability to work independently at a demanding academic level, to research a topic of their choice and produce an extended dissertation and formal presentation.



Surbiton High School offers a number of Sixth Form Scholarships and Bursaries which are available to to both existing pupils and those joining the School in Year 12.

Scholarships available are: Academic, Art, Photography, Drama, Music and Sports (Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Skiing and Tennis). We also offer the Principal’s Award which is allocated by the Principal to a candidate who has achieved an exceptional level in the Scholarship Examinations as well as one or more additional scholarship disciplines. In addition, the Dame Angela Rumbold Science Scholarship is awarded to a pupil who has attended Surbiton High School since Year 7 and intends to pursue a Science related course at University.

Financial Support

We offer a limited number of means-tested Church Schools Foundation Bursaries at entry to Sixth Form, these are reviewed annually. Please note that Bursary applications for combined incomes over £100,000 may not be considered.

There is also a percentage reduction in the fees for daughters of full time members of the Clergy in the form of a Clergy Bursary.

Please see our Bursaries page for further information.

The Green & Silver Sixth Form Award

The Green & Silver Sixth Form Award is awarded to a pupil who has been in the School since Year 7 and would be unable to continue in the Sixth Form without financial support. It is a means tested award and a bursary application is requested to be completed as part of the application process. Further details are available from the Admissions Office.

How to apply

Application forms for financial support should be submitted before 1 November.

Further information can be found on the Sixth Form Scholarship and Bursaries page.

The Sixth Form Staff manage to combine excellent teaching and academic rigour with brilliant pastoral care; no hot-housing here, just focused attention to what each girl needs. The support provided for university applications (including the Oxbridge programme) is outstanding.

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