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Parents’ Association

The Surbiton High School Parents’ Association (SHSPA) exists with two broad goals – to bring our community together and raise funds for Wish List items and events that enrich the pupil experience.

Events held annually range from New Parents’ Suppers, Nearly New Uniform Sales, Prep School Discos, Quiz Night, Prep School Camping to the Christmas Fair and our newest addition Fireworks Night!

All of these events are run by a dedicated group of volunteer parents who work tirelessly to ensure that our parent community continues to thrive socially while raising wishlist funds. The Committee comprises of the following parent volunteers

Karl Fisher (Chair)

Richard Burge (Co-Treasurer)

Alan Waterman (Co-Treasurer and Bonfire Night Lead)

Netty Williams (Secretary)

Bianca Lorenzo-Perez (Communications)

Sophie Day and Fauzia Tobias (Boys’ Prep Liaisons)

Kelly Williams and Nishat Bharwani (Girls’ Prep Liaisons)

Anna Harris and Sarah Greenberg (Nearly New Uniform Sales)

Darshna Gorania (PA Member and Quiz Night Lead)

Louise Enderby and Georgina Campbell (Event Co-ordinators)

Alison Filkin (PA Member)

Vicky Bulger (PA Member)

We are always looking for new members to join our team so please email the if you are interested.