Reception and Year 6 Planting Seeds

23rd May 2022

Reception boys have been very busy flexing their green fingers. They started the term growing cress seeds, hoping to make cress sandwiches. They grew them in soil, on paper towel…

Year 2 Science Workshop at Bushy Park

23rd May 2022

Year 2 explored the deeper realms of Bushy Park, looking past the deer, ducks and squirrels to find a world of minibeasts on the land and water. Pond dipping revealed…

House Fashion & Art Showcase: Recognising Literature and Values

23rd May 2022

On 3 and 4 March, a celebration of the pupil’s design skills, dance talents and collaboration took place as they delivered Surbiton High School’s Fashion Arts Showcase. The pupils wholeheartedly…

Year 1 Pizza Fractions

23rd May 2022

Today in Maths, our Year 1 boys continued learning fractions with a practical lesson. Firstly, they enjoyed making mini pizzas and looking at ‘one whole’. The whole pizza didn’t last…

Tally Ho WWII Talk

20th May 2022

Last week, Year 6 and Year 5 had a visit from David from the Tally Ho Project. We heard about World War II and David gave information about the famous…

Year 6 Dissection Lesson

19th May 2022

This week, the Year 6 boys were very fortunate to have two Senior School Biology teachers, Mrs Horwood and Mr Murphy, perform a dissection of a sheep’s heart at Avenue…

London Zoo Visit

16th May 2022

We have been learning about the rainforest, animals and aquariums, so there was no better introduction to experiencing all these exciting elements within one trip to the famous London Zoo….

Year 5 Victorian School Experience

16th May 2022

Yesterday, Year 5 visited Holly Lodge in Richmond Park for a Victorian school experience. We met Mrs Soya, our form mistress for the day. We learned about the three Rs:…

Year 7 Well-being Afternoon

12th May 2022

On Wednesday 11 May, Year 7 pupils were off timetable for periods 4 and 5 to spend the afternoon focusing on their wellbeing as part of Mental Health Awareness Week….

National Gymnastics Finals

4th May 2022

Over the bank holiday weekend, the Gymnastics Squad were in Stoke-on-Trent at the pinnacle of the School’s competition calendar, the National Finals. After not competing in this event since 2019…