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Candidates should have reached at least Grade 6 standard on their principal instrument and submit proof of their Grade achievements with their application. This proof can be within your instrumental/vocal teachers’ reference, or in the form of a certificate.

Audition and Interview for Shortlisted Candidates

For the audition, candidates should prepare two contrasting pieces on their principal instrument. We can provide an accompanist and ask that the piano accompaniment is submitted to Mr Richard Hammond-Hall ( no later than a week prior to auditions. Candidates are also welcome to bring their own accompanist. Candidates will also be asked to sight-read, take some aural tests and discuss their musical activities, interests and achievements in an interview with the Director of Music.

Scholars will be expected to participate in at least two ensembles at School and seek leadership in a third ensemble. Those awarded a Sixth Form Scholarship must endeavour to achieve Grade 8 during Key Stage 5. Scholars will take a lead in Music Department events and competitions and participate in evening events where requested. They will be expected to be an outstanding ambassador of the subject. When awarded a Sixth Form Scholarship, students are expected to study Music A-level.