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Drama Scholarships are awarded to talented performers who are willing to take full advantage of all opportunities to participate in drama at School. It is desirable, but not essential, for candidates to have studied GCSE Drama.

Assessment and Audition for Shortlisted Candidates

All applicants sit a 45-minute written paper, referencing and analysing a live performance event (e.g. a piece of theatre or musical theatre performance). The question assumes you have seen a number of productions over the last two years.

You may have two A4 sides of notes about the live production that you wish to write about.

Candidates should prepare two contrasting monologues from published plays or collections.

Should you wish to offer design or a technical skill as your specialism for your Drama Scholarship application, please submit a portfolio of work outlining the ways in which your skills have enhanced two productions.

We will also ask you to demonstrate your proven commitment to drama and your broader interest in the subject in a short interview with the Director of Drama and Dance. The School may choose to offer only Drama, Performing Arts or Dance Scholarships in a given year, at their discretion.

Students must choose to take Drama and Theatre A-level to be considered for a Drama Scholarship and retain the Scholarship throughout Sixth Form.