History of Art

This short seven-week course is a whistlestop whizz through one recurring theme of art history, ‘Identity’. Designed for utter novices and the slightly more knowledgeable, we will explore the Baroque drama of Gentileschi, Chris Ofili’s sacred images covered with elephant dung (and explicit imagery), Frida Khalo’s anti-capitalist statements and many more. Choosing the juiciest of artworks and buildings, this course will give you a delicious insight into other worlds and cultures, including elements of the Art History A-level (thankfully, without the essays…).

Please click on the relevant lesson below to read through the powerpoint presented during each session.

    1. Overview in 10 Objects
    2. Portraiture in 2D
    3. Portraiture in 3D
    4. Gender
    5. The Divine
    6. Ethnicity
    7. Architecture