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The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge need no introduction. They are ancient seats of learning that have produced some of the world’s greatest minds.

They are also places with something to offer every kind of academically able student, whether you’re a budding Mary Beard, an aspiring actress or comedienne, a keen sportswoman, or just someone who has done well academically and is keen to go to university in an inspirational setting with world-renowned lecturers and researchers, world class facilities and a vibrant social scene.

A total of 61 Year 13 students received Oxbridge offers between 2017 and 2024, with students going on to study the widest range of degrees, ranging from Biomedical Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Medicine, Psychology and Natural Sciences to Classics, History, Design, Law and Fine Art.

The Programme is designed to promote:

  • Aspiration in our students and support to make competitive applications.
  • Development of thinking skills and the ability and confidence to verbally articulate thought
  • The self-belief that Oxbridge is obtainable if you work hard and are academically curious
  • Promote a realistic view of Oxbridge – yes, you will have to work but you should also have a great time
  • Other skills required for entry such as interview skills or test preparation

These aims are achieved via a comprehensive and evolving programme that builds year on year. It includes:

Across Year Groups:

  • An Oxbridge Team (below) run the programme supported by a team of Oxbridge Mentors (many Oxbridge graduates) with subject specialisms
  • Use of a wide range of data including internal exams, psychometrics and teacher recommendations to spot talent and potential
  • Working with Scholars/Gifted and Talented Programme that provides “stretch” activities designed to encourage and develop academic curiosity and skills

Year Specific Activities:

  • Years 9 and 11 Oxbridge Trips that are designed to inspire pupils at an early stage
  • Year 12 Oxbridge Evening – Introduction for students and parents
  • Year 12 Mentoring for your proposed Oxbridge subject – a highly distinctive part of our support, where you meet with a subject mentor/teacher who helps you explore your academic interests and develop the skills necessary to make a competitive application
  • Year 12 Oxbridge Focused Activity Week. This provides an opportunity to explore subject interests in depth and develop discursive / academic skills and attend open days at Oxford and Cambridge
  • Year 12 and 13 Mock Oxbridge Testing and use of results to refine decisions
  • Year 13 review of personal statements and school references by the Oxbridge Team
  • Year 13 mock interviews including interview exchange with other academic schools and external interviewers

We want to encourage and empower all able students to aim for the world class universities. If you do well in your studies, and are likely to meet the entry requirements for Oxbridge (grades, entry tests etc.), then why not give it a go – what have you got to lose?

The Oxbridge Team

Terry McDermott

Head of Oxbridge

(Ex-Cambridge – Law)

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Claire Speers

Claire Speers
Assistant Head of Oxbridge

(Ex-Cambridge – Classics)

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Nicola Jackson

Nicola Jackson
Assistant Head of Oxbridge

(Ex-Durham – History)

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