Welcome from the Head of Girls’ Prep

We are proud of the fact that every member of our community is continuously learning.  This means that we are able to combine traditional pedagogy with innovative methods within the curriculum. Through the delivery of a broad and enriching programme, girls are encouraged to make links with their learning and study concepts in great depth, thus allowing them to show mastery of ideas.

We offer a curriculum which is centred around topics which, in turn, leads to the girls’ immersion in what they are discovering.  In conjunction with focusing on curriculum content, we seek to develop Learning Habits in our pupils from a very early age; teaching them how to learn and how to see themselves as learners.  Learning Habits include making links, asking questions, managing distractions and distilling information, amongst many other skills which we see as being integral when preparing pupils for life in the 21st century.  Looking at the results of this approach to teaching and learning, it is evident that our pupils achieve highly in assessments and are successful in scholarship applications, as well as being fully prepared for life in Year 7 and beyond.

Through a rigorous assessment process, we are able to track our pupils individually, ensuring that we provide a tailored approach where needed. It is our aim that every girl reaches and grows her potential: this approach ensures that we are successful in doing so.

Mr David Williams 
Head of the Girls’ Prep


We strongly feel that if our pupils feel happy, safe and secure, then the rest will naturally follow: this is certainly the case at the Girls’ Prep.