Learning Habits | Surbiton High School
Emotions, Thinking, Involvement, Productivity
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Learning Habits

We achieve the School’s aims through the inculcation of our Learning Habits. Our children:

  • are inspired in their thinking, to ask questions, to make connections, to imagine possibilities, to reason methodically and to capitalise on their resources
  • are encouraged to be emotionally invested in their learning, persevere in the face of difficulties, notice subtle differences and patterns, manage their distractions, and become absorbed in their learning
  • are empowered to be fully involved in their learning, growing in interdependence, collaborating effectively, listening empathetically to others, and imitating their learning habits
  • are inspired, encouraged and empowered to be productive, planning their learning in advance, revising and reviewing their progress, distilling important information, and developing their own meta-learning

The Charter for Well-being allows us to achieve the School’s aims.