Fulfilling our aims through the Charter for Well-being | Surbiton High School
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Fulfilling our aims through the Charter for Well-being

The Charter for Well-being allows us to achieve the School’s aims, ensuring our children:

  • are inspired to deploy their highest strengths to tackle all situations, developing a growth mind-set and a can-do attitude, equipped with the tools to maximise their positive emotions
  • are encouraged to find their niche, to be fully engaged in educational activities and to meet the highest challenges that come their way
  • are coached and encouraged to develop strong relationships, to be empathetic and responsive to the needs of themselves and others
  • are empowered to lead a meaningful life, to be able to understand what their goals are and to know what they are striving for
  • are empowered to draw strength from celebrating their accomplishments, in order to tackle new challenges

We achieve the School’s aims through the inculcation of our Learning Habits.

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