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Well-being & Counselling

All pupils are assigned to a Form of no more than 25 pupils. To help to build strong relationships, our Forms are determined by postcode. Pupils start every day seeing their Form Tutor. Each Form has a Tutor and Deputy Tutor who work together with the girls.

Each pupil in Year 7 to Year 11 has five pastoral members of staff with specific responsibility for their well-being: Head of Year, Assistant Head of Year, Second Assistant Head of Year, Tutor and Deputy Tutor.

Each student in the Sixth form is supported by the Director of Sixth Form, Head of Year and a team of mentors within the Sixth Form Centre.

We have developed a relationship with Kooth to provide free early intervention mental health support for pupils and promote Let’s All Talk Mental Health to parents alongside our own Parent Partnership Talk events. The Parent Partnership Talks provide access for parents and staff to experts in their field that can help our community effectively support its young people, from internet safety to serious mental health concerns.

The Welfare Centre provides support beyond the excellent pastoral provision with a team of staff to provide support for pupils’ physical and mental health