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Boys’ Prep STEAM Week

Posted: 6th March 2024

Last week, Surbiton High Boys’ Prep School embarked on an extraordinary adventure as our mornings transformed into a hub of creativity and exploration during our ‘Time’ themed STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) week. The usual timetables were set aside, and pupils eagerly joined forces with peers from different year groups to dive into 10 engaging activities that blended learning with sheer enjoyment. 

From exploring the mysteries of extinction with ‘Disappearing Dinos’ to envisioning the future with ‘Design a Farm of the Future,’ every morning brought forth a new and exciting exploration into the realms of STEAM. Pupils unleashed their creativity, competitiveness and problem-solving skills in activities like ‘Get Set Jellies,’ ‘Timed Challenges,’ and ‘Op Art,’ creating an atmosphere buzzing with curiosity. 

The ‘Time’ themed STEAM week was not just about education; it was a celebration of collaboration, creativity, and the joy of learning. We are immensely proud of our boys for their enthusiasm and engagement across the week and would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff for their hard work. As we wrap up this exciting chapter, we look forward to continuing to nurture the spirit of innovation and inquiry in our school community. 

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