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Inspirational Woman Day

Posted: 25th January 2024

Year 6 journalists from Surbiton High Girls’ Prep share their experience of celebrating Inspirational Women’s Day.

On Friday 19 January, we (including the teachers) dressed up as women who inspire us to mark Inspirational Women’s Day. The school was full of colourful costumes.

In the playground at break, I talked to some girls about who they were dressed as and why. At the top of the school, Catherine (Year 6) dressed as Queen Elizabeth II, as she dedicated her life to serving her country as well as helping in the Second World War.

Kitty (Year 5) was dressed as Vivienne Westwood because she inspired Kitty to like fashion, and Izzy (Year 6) was the author of the Lottie Brooks books, Katie Kirby, who was brave enough to take a chance and start writing.

March (Reception) came as a doctor, as she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and Soraya (Reception) dressed up as Queen Soraya of Iran, who is kind and helpful. Darcey in (Year 4) was Emma Watson, who started acting at the age of 11, inspiring Darcey to try acting, and Natasha (Year 3) was Coco Chanel, who was not only an inspiring fashion designer but also encouraged women to wear trousers. Vivaana (Year 2) was Greta Thunberg, who is an important environmental role model, and Ottilie (Year1) was Yayoi Kusama, whose art inspires her. It was wonderful to see everyone’s amazing costumes!

– Liya, Corinna and Kimaya, Year 6


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