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Surbiton High Students Spread Joy to Southborough Nursing Home Residents

Posted: 23rd January 2024

In a heartwarming exchange of kindness, Surbiton High School students recently brightened the festive season for residents at Southborough Nursing Home. Recognising our role as an integral part of the community, we understand the importance of creating a strong and supportive environment that prioritises everyone’s well-being. It’s a core value at our school to give back, not just for the enriching experience it offers our students, but also as a living example of the positive impact that generosity can have. 
Last month’s initiative saw our pupils creating personalised Christmas cards for the residents of a local care home, Southborough Nursing Home. The response from the care staff was overwhelming, and we’re delighted to share their heartfelt message with our parents and students: 
“This Christmas, Southborough Nursing Home was filled with joy as beautiful handwritten cards from the students at Surbiton High School reached our cherished residents. The thoughtful gestures and heartfelt messages brought immense happiness, making our residents feel deeply cherished and remembered during the festive season. Thank you, Surbiton High School, for showering our residents with such love and care.” 
It’s moments like these that showcase the positive impact our school community can have, spreading joy and making a meaningful connection with those around us. We look forward to continuing to contribute to the well-being of our community in the spirit of kindness and generosity. 


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