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Year 12’s UK Parliament Visit

Posted: 1st June 2023

On 18th May, 12 Year 12 students visited the Houses of Parliament, the centre of democracy. They were accompanied by two teachers from the Politics Department. The students were excited to see what they have learnt about UK Politics in action during the visit. Watching debates in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords gave them an insight into how committed representatives of the people are to discussing a range of issues including the environment and levelling-up. Seeing these debates in person, gave the students an opportunity to experience day-to-day political business without media analysis to direct their views. 

The group was fortunate to spend time with Liberal Democrat leader and MP for Kingston and Surbiton, Ed Davey. They took the opportunity to question him about tuition fees, Liberal Democrat ideology, and the role of MPs as constituent and party representatives. 

In class, students spoke confidently about how the visit brought to life the topics they had studied as part of their first year of A-Level Politics. They critically reflected on their engagement with parliament representatives and commented on how different parliament looked when compared to the TV. Many were keen to know more about how they could engage further in the political arena. 

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