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Showcase of Visual Arts

Posted: 27th March 2023

Surbiton High School’s Showcase of Visual Arts is a wonderful opportunity to display the multitude of creative talents across our three schools from Years 5 to 12. From experimental sculpture to life drawing there was work to excite every viewer. The Year 5’s Henry Moore inspired ceramic sculptures and drawings showed the breadth of work which is developing in all areas. Another highlight was the Year 8 charcoal portrait drawings, they were highly impressive for this Year group and demonstrated excellent observational skills. The Year 10 and 12 work showed exceptional outcomes in all mediums demonstrating their uniquely adventurous outlook to their practice. 

 Our Photography students also wowed with their display as they pushed the boundaries of what it means to create a photographic outcome, often using the medium of photography in unconventional ways that show their amazing creativity and ability to think beyond what is expected. 

 We also heard from Nina H in Year 12 who recited her Articulation entry, this is a History of Art public speaking competition, and she told us about ‘Carnation Lily Lily Rose’ the masterpiece by John Singer Sargent. She was able to contextualise the piece and relate it to contemporary works. Nina represented Surbiton High School in the regional finals of the country-wide competition.  

 The Gifted and Talented students showcased their work which was made in response to a piece of music entitled ‘Close the Door’ that was written by Dave Webb our composer in residence. After listening to the piece, and discussing the meaning, mood and tone the students made a transformative butterfly which plays with the idea of the chaotic form being able to be set free through its disassembly.  

Surbiton High school really is a hub of creativity and freedom of expression. We look forward to continuing to support the students to take risks to produce exciting outcomes.  

 Thank you to those of you who attended, it was a night to remember. 

We hope you can join us at the A Level exhibition on 16 June and GCSE exhibition on 30 June. Keep up to date on school news.  


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