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Onatti Theatre Production Visit

Posted: 10th February 2023

On Tuesday 7 February we welcomed the Onatti Theatre Production company who performed the play, ‘Parlez-vous Français?’ to all of our Key Stage 2 pupils. There were moments of hilarious laughter, focused concentration and active engagement from the pupils. It was a wonderful opportunity for the boys to be completely immersed in the language and enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out the story and the dialogue. The story itself centred around a boy called Archie who, whilst on a school skiing trip to Chamonix in France, finds himself in a French hospital. When his teacher is called away with another emergency, Archie is left alone in the hospital where nobody speaks English. It was utterly amusing to follow Archie’s encounters as he tries to get by with his basic French, with hilarious consequences.
The French in the play included many words and phrases which the children recognised and introduced new vocabulary in a relaxed and fun way. The actors pitched the story in a professional way so that everybody was able to follow the story.

Thank you for your continued support in your son’s learning and enjoyment of languages.

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