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The Great Fire of London

Posted: 23rd November 2022

The Great Fire of London has been the Year 2 boys’ topic this half term. Always a favourite, the boys have immersed themselves in this topic and applied it to many areas of their learning. In their humanities lessons, the boys have created timelines to show when the Great Fire of London took place in relation to other famous historical events. They looked at sources, such as Samuel Pepys’s diary, discovering how these can teach them about the events that took place and they have read a variety of books to add to their knowledge.

In their English lessons, the boys have re-told the story of Vlad and the Great Fire of London in their own words. The boys worked incredibly hard, showcasing the brilliant writers that they are becoming.

The boys have created some beautiful artwork using needles and thread to depict the burning flames of the fire and the buildings as the fire engulfed them. In an explosive end to our topic, we set light to the cardboard houses they built to learn how the fire spread so quickly.

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