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KS1 and KS2 Head’s Celebration

Posted: 25th May 2022

Mrs McCabe-Arnold and Kona celebrated their first Head’s Celebration with KS1 and KS2, enjoying muffins and hot chocolate.

Below are some examples of the comments from teachers:

  • Her knowledge and understanding of the world has blown us away
  • Growing resilience, I have enjoyed watching her persevere on tasks that she finds difficult
  • She listens carefully to feedback and perseveres with every task and is making good progress
  • Has a cheerful disposition and an enthusiasm for learning.

Well done to Harriet, Lyla, Ava, Orla, Mya and Adelle from KS1 and Isabella, Rea Th, Reeya, Emma, Megan, Niamh, Mavi and Eliana from KS2!


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