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Posted: 5th July 2021

Could it have been any more magical to practise, sing and act in the woods for this Shakespeare classic?

Our Year 6 girls embraced the change of venue for this year’s production, and it was our most beautiful one yet. The woodland was transformed into a backdrop for ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and the hours of Production Club attendance paid off. The singing complemented the outdoor setting and if any of our girls study English in the future, their CV is already enhanced by how they immersed themselves in this wonderful play.

Led by Miss Sullivan, Mr Wray, Mrs Pink and Miss MacKenzie, the vision of performing outside, being filmed with no guarantee of favourable weather, was achieved, setting a new standard for Surbiton High School productions. The rain held off for us as the performance began. Ms Stewart and a select few of our teaching staff were an appreciative audience. The girls were very excited to hear the applause and it made the filming that bit more special.

“I enjoyed learning about the play that Shakespeare wrote. I think I learnt a lot more about positions on a stage and how to really get into the life of your character and how they feel.” Freya L

“Performing the production was such fun, especially the scenes that involved comedy because I enjoyed seeing our very small audience laugh. When people sat down after finishing their scenes, it was really special seeing everyone clapping, cheering and whispering nice things to them.” Amelie D

“From preparing to performing, acting and achieving, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I especially enjoyed the costumes. The dancing and singing helped me build confidence and feel involved. Overall, I learnt to become the characters that I am assigned and have fun!” Emily S

“I loved every second of our production. It was an amazing way to end our time at the Girls’ Prep.” Freya T

The photos of our cast are memories to treasure, and we will miss them all.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

This quote from another Shakespeare play applies to all our leavers of 2021 who we send off with love in our hearts and gratitude for making the most of every opportunity in this unforgettable time.

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