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Year 3 Kingston Historical Walk

Posted: 16th June 2021

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Who would have thought that our local town of Kingston-Upon-Thames would turn out to be such a mine of fascinating stories?

Year 3 have spent all term as historians, exploring early maps and artefacts to learn about the exciting past which sits right on our doorstep.

Having completed their research on a range of historical sites and plotted a route around the town, the girls took charge of guiding us all on a three-mile tour, using impressive map skills to show us the way. We soon found ourselves discovering the secrets of Saxon kings, life-threatening marketplace football matches and cruel punishments for local busybodies. The girls made excellent tour guides, explaining the significance of each site and pointing out hidden details as we passed. Not to be deterred by the two-hour journey, we re-enacted Queen Victoria’s promenade along the river as we headed back to school after a fascinating morning.

Next up in our local studies: The founding of Surbiton and the sad story of Thomas Pooley, local entrepreneur.

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