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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Posted: 15th June 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from Monday 10 – 16 May 2021 and this year’s theme is nature.

Over the course of the Spring Term, we have directed all our pupils to the Healthy Mind Toolkit which has helped to support discussions on healthy coping strategies. However, we know that as a result of the pandemic, some of us have found it more difficult to feel positive. In response to this, we have developed a new campaign to support our pupils to better understand their mental health and know who they should turn to, depending on how they are feeling.

In line with the national Mental Health Awareness Week from 10 to 16 May, we have introduced our bespoke Mental Health Pathways campaign. It is really important that when we are not feeling ok, that we know who we can talk to and what support we can get. Everyone’s mental health journey is unique; sometimes we may just need a chat with a parent or a friend to feel better. However, sometimes it is not always that straightforward, and if we do feel ourselves feeling sad for a while, then we may want to find support outside of our immediate family and friends. Our pathways can hopefully guide you if you need it; to seek the right help at the right time.

We had a number of activities take place throughout the week that helped to promote well-being and mental health support. Utilising videos and assembly materials from Kooth PLC, an effective mental health and well-being service, we hope our pupils learn and take advantage of our School services and of company’s such as Kooth should they be looking for someone to turn to for more information.

Watch Kooth’s Video

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