Posted: 10th December 2020

Last week, Year 5 devoted all their lessons to working on a presentation to persuade Dragons to part with their money. We will tell you about the exciting experience of being Polar Explorers below.

On Monday, we had a talk from someone in the Maritime Museum and learnt about the history of polar explorers. We also found out that Robert Peary was not the first person to step on the North Pole – he lied. It was Mathew Henson and four Inuit people from Greenland.

On Tuesday, we took part in a treasure hunt at Hinchley Wood. We had to work out the coordinates. At each coordinate there was a word and we had to work out the saying. In English, Year 5 watched an episode of Dragon’s Den so that we were well prepared with our persuasive pitch.

The next day, we completed more work on our presentation to show to the Dragons. We were working out what equipment to take on our voyage and putting our costings onto an Excel spreadsheet. Then, we got to go on a treasure hunt around the school to look for information to complete our knowledge of past explorers.

On Thursday, we worked on daylight graphs in Science. It was important information to help us decide when we should travel.  One person from each group got to make polar delicacies in a Biscuits and Blubber session. They really were not that tasty! In the afternoon, the whole form got to experience virtual reality of 3D photos from the Arctic and Antarctic.

Friday was the last day to prepare for our Polar pitch presentation! We were going to enter the Dragons’ Den. Before lunch, everyone showed their presentation to the class. Three groups from each class got through to the final round. The Dragons were Ms Stewart, Mrs Thomas, and Mrs Jurado. One group from each class won: in 5F the Arctic Avengers won; in 5J the Emperor Penguins won.

Charlotte and Daisy Year 5

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