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Posted: 7th December 2020

Home made Pizza on a tray

The fantastic Mrs Hutchinson has been offering cookery sessions to her form on a Saturday afternoon!

I started doing the online cookery sessions for my form so they have an activity in lockdown at the weekend.

The extra curricular has been seriously curtailed this term and as a form/year group we have not been able to do the usual bonding activities so I decided to offer this on a Saturday afternoon and have named it: Mrs Hutchinson’s Saturday Kitchen!

We have made biscuits, pizza, and are now on Christmas themed recipes. It is purely optional to the form but approx 15 girls have joined over the past weeks.

Not only are they learning new skills and a variety of different techniques but they also get the chance for informal chat.

It is really lovely seeing the girls in their own environment and sharing pictures of their finished dishes.

Thanks very much for the cooking sessions that you are running for the girls on Saturday afternoons. It’s very kind of you to give up your time, especially on the weekends. It’s been so tricky for Abbie to see her friends on the weekends that she really looks forward to the cooking class. – Parent

Thank you very much for the baking this evening I really enjoyed doing it. The biscuits are delicious. – Pupil

Thank you so much for the cooking session today, I enjoyed it a lot! The biscuits are so yummy and I’m really excited to make them again! – Pupil

Just a note to say a very big thank you for what you have done with the girls this evening. Rebecca loved it and is really proud of her biscuits. Year 7 is obviously very different this year and there is so much they can’t do at the moment, so that was a brilliant bonding experience for the girls and you have really brightened this lockdown weekend. – Parent

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