Posted: 7th October 2020

On Wednesday, we will be running our collapsed curriculum well-being morning for our pupils across the Senior School.

The rationale behind these events is that we are driving forward a provision to enhance tutor/tutee relationships and support the pupils in engaging in meaningful activities that will ultimately build their coping skills and allow them to flourish.

We will be hearing from inspirational speakers, Greg Barker and Debi Stevens. Greg is a spiritual and PRS speaker, who is going to talk to the younger pupils about the ‘Art of Having a Good Day’, and then the upper school about ‘Religion and Media in a Secular Culture’. Debi will be virtually spending her morning with the Sixth Form, telling them her amazing story that will challenge them to think about what they do when things don’t go to plan. She aims to empower them to develop a set of tools that they will find invaluable as they look ahead to the future and life beyond Surbiton High School.

In Year 7, they will receive their ‘fall letters’ written to them from their parents, with stories of when mistakes were made or life didn’t run smoothly, but most importantly, what they did to overcome those challenges. Overall, every year group will have a chance to think about how they cope with setbacks and what they do to set meaningful goals and overcome their fears.

We hope that in this new virtual form, this morning will be of equal benefit and will support all our pupils across the Senior School.

(Greg Baker discusses the ‘Art of Having a Good Day’)

(Debi Stevens shares her inspirational story to empower pupils)


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