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Year 6 Took Part in Bikeability

Posted: 15th June 2021

Last week, the Year 6s took part in an extremely fun activity called Bikeability, organised by the generous Kingston Council.

We had two well-trained instructors supervising us as we trailed along the road, developing new skills along the course, some new and some forgotten in time. Before we began, we had our bikes checked and oiled, which we later tested out. The rules we had to follow were epic; eyes, position, indication and can I go. In level two, we learnt how to identify and respond to hazards, for example, scan ahead and behind, maintain suitable riding positions, comply with signals and road markings, communicate with other drivers or passers by and negotiate junctions. Our personal favourite was learning how to do a U turn. Some challenges we had help with, but others we overcame them independently.

Overall, we would recommend it to others because it was a very enjoyable experience.

By Phoenix and Taym

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