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Years 7 to 10 and Year 12

From the first day of remote learning, we switched relatively seamlessly to remote teaching. As schools have begun to reopen in the Autumn Term, we have ensured that all lessons are planned with two versions: a physical and a virtual online alternative. This is to prepare ourselves should we head back into full or partial closure or whether groups of students are required to work from home.

A typical day for a pupil working remotely starts with their day at the beginning of Period 1, as they would at School, and continues with ‘live’ lessons for the majority of the day until their usual finish time. Technology has simply enabled the high calibre of teaching that takes place in School to move to a remote format with ‘Live’ lessons being taught via Teams. This allows engaging and interactive lessons to take place with all pupils being able to participate.

Following feedback from pupils and staff, the Summer Term has evolved slightly and seen minor timetable amendments to shorten lessons slightly providing some additional screen-free time for both parties.

Keeping pupils on track with their education will see end of term assessments still take place over two weeks, providing pupils with an additional focus. Assessments will be accessed by pupils through our bespoke MIS system, allowing timed papers to be released, uploaded, marked and redistributed to pupils.

Co-curricular activities have taken on a different form with remote learning in place. Our House system is coming into play with numerous activities that pupils from each House can take part in; from Bakeathons to Readathons, from Science experiments at home to music mash-ups and movie-making competitions. On top of this and the sporting challenges posted regularly, we have also run a whole-school challenge to travel around Great Britain on foot or bike, raising over £4,500 for needy charities.

Feel supported and connected.

The teachers are able to talk us through worksheets and power points well.

Everyone can appreciate how much effort our teachers have been putting in and if anything, you are focusing more during lessons as there are fewer distractions.

The teachers are there to help or answer any questions when you need them.

I like that I still can see the teacher and what they are talking about and it is easy to ask questions if I need.

Teams works perfectly fine. Easy to email and get in touch with your teacher during lessons. Very similar to school learning. Easy to upload and find work for your lessons.

I am managing to get through the work as I would when at school (due to all the resources available).