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Remote Learning

School life and home life has changed in ways no one could have predicted.

Our world has become infinitely smaller as we share the responsibilities of staying at home and the beginnings of heading back to work and school after our freedom has been temporarily suspended to ensure the health and safety of others.

As the Principal of Surbiton High School, I am proud of how quickly  we have developed and transitioned to the remote learning plans we put in place prior to the inevitable school closures.

In true ‘Surbiton Spirit’, our core values  to inspire, encourage and empower  have shone through every aspect of our community. Surbiton  High School staff have worked tirelessly to move in a seamless manner from the classroom to the home room to provide  a dynamic and engaging curriculum. I am immensely proud of the way our pupils have adapted and embraced their new way of learning online and remotely. I am so thankful  for the support and praise that has been  shared by the Surbiton High School parents  and how they have aided the transition of our pupils to learning in  this revised way.

This time will pass, but until then, we continue on in full of vigour for our new-found approach to teaching and learning, in awe of our adaptability as a community. I leave you with a quote which encapsulates the need, not just of our time now, but of our lifetime:

Rebecca Glover

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

Albert Einstein
Former Pupil to Row at Olympics 2024



Lola Anderson