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Senior School Parents’ Perspective

Very impressed with how you moved everything to remote learning so quickly. My daughter has just got on with it and everything seemed to be up and running and working well right from the start. It was great that learning could continue for the rest of the term despite the difficult circumstances.

My daughter has found working from home to be calm and interesting.  Her teachers have proven to be very competent with the technology.

Very impressive provision well thought through and delivered.

Great to keep the girls on a timetable – routine was critical and is now proving very challenging in the holidays.

Thought sticking to the timetable was excellent, and remote learning seemed to go really well with the girls focused on their work.

My daughter has had to self-isolate early due to her Dad’s high risk. We were so happy with the fact she could access all her lessons by live stream before school closed. After closing she has still accessed nearly all her lessons and is working hard. All her teachers have responded to her questions by email during the holidays.

My daughter is very motivated about her learning, but with the cancellation of GCSEs feels more inclined to explore her A level subjects independently and spend time working on things she particularly enjoys such as her piano and flute playing.

Running the remote learning as if my daughter was in school in terms of the timetable has been excellent.  It has helped with her motivation and she has taken seriously the work / having a quiet space / and completed her homework as she would as if she’d been in the classroom.  Very impressed with how quickly this was implemented.

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