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Girls’ Prep Parent’s Perspective

We recently conducted a parent survey with our Girls’ Prep parents and below you will find a range of the comments provided regarding our remote learning.

Absolutely ‘hats off!’ to all the staff for managing these challenging times with such generosity and professionalism. Thank you!

The work set has been good. Everything has been delivered really timely. Teachers have been really responsive to parents and children’s questions. It was great that the children were already set up and ready to go with everything they needed way before the school closures.

The videos at the beginning of lessons have gone down very well. Our daughter loves seeing her teachers! Positive feedback is always hugely appreciated and has really made our daughter’s day – more gushing the better! Home learning is always marked and commented on over night which we know must be a lot of work so we are very grateful. The creative tasks have been great fun and caused a flurry of excitement in the house! Our daughter has had to use her initiative to find things around the house and used different parts of her brain e.g CCT: match box task x 2 weeks, PE: full-size body drawing, PSHCE: Union Jack drawing, Art architectural sketches etc…please keep them coming!

The quantity and level of the work provided has seemed well-judged, and we can see how hard the school and teaching staff are working both: (i) to continue delivering a quality education for our children, in spite of the enormous difficulties presented by the current circumstances; and (ii) to keep us, as parents, informed about what is happening both with their children’s learning and with the general logistical arrangements. The situation clearly presents both challenges and opportunities, and by-and-large I think the level of responsibility that my daughter has had to take for independent learning, self-discipline, resilience and perseverance will be really beneficial for her, in terms of progressing on to Year 7 in the Autumn. The live mentoring sessions and more creative tasks have been particularly well-received.

Feedback across all subjects has been fabulous. Certainly couldn’t be improved upon in my opinion.

There have been some examples where the lesson was set up in such a way that made it incredibly interactive and fun for the kid to follow without needing us to be nagging her, such as French or music.

Almost everything is positive! The comms ahead of the lockdown and since have been fantastic and the teachers have all been wonderfully supportive & responsive interface the few occasions my daughter has needed / wanted to check in. She is a delight to have at home – motivated to work hard (most days) and enjoying the activities that are being set. We definitely wouldn’t want any additional work – the amount set is pretty much just right. Having online assemblies and video messages from a variety of staff is also lovely.

Using pre-recorded lessons for Key Stage Two is very helpful so that the children can work at their own pace. Good balance of work, focussing on English and Maths as the key subjects Lessons seem purposeful with relevant tasks and homework Really like that PE lessons include both physical tasks and theory – great idea! Am impressed that the school has been able to offer enrichment classes for the children Really liked the welcome back video- very special! Key Stage One (Year 1) feedback and input from all the teachers including PE is excellent The 1:1 time with the teacher each week is a great idea as is the live story time.

Firstly I just want to thank SHS for being so adaptable and flexible with the changing times that we live in. It has just reinforced why we send Jemima to the school and that the school is a very caring school. Mrs King has been very helpful with any questions / issues that we have. The mentoring sessions are very good so that Jemima can see her other classmates and chat with them / Mrs King. I have learnt some coding! It has been good to see what the girls are being taught and how my daughter applies herself to each subject.

Many thanks for all your efforts for setting up the virtual learning and everything that goes with it, we are impressed with how fast you have reacted to support pupils. My daughter really likes the daily structure and the ability to drop in and ask questions live, also the smaller mentoring group chats. She would probably like to have those twice a week. I think she is enjoying the variety of work that’s organised. From our parents’ point of view, it’s good to know about what is being taught in each subject so that we can support our daughter’s learning on those points outside of lesson time if possible. We have found the resources that the school sends out (well-being documents. class assemblies) all very useful to help us get through this positively and to remember where to focus. thank you all.

The online provision of a range of subjects has been excellent including music and art – good balance with the core subjects. The platforms used for online learning work very well. Always very timely feedback from the teachers on the work.

Children can access all work online without having to receive packs from school like other schools.

The way the remote learning has been set up is excellent. Everything is very structured and the video slides are extremely helpful. The live drop in sessions are really helpful and also any other questions asked via e-mail/showbie are answered promptly. Excellent work!