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Boys’ Prep Parent’s Perspective

We recently conducted a parent survey with our Boys’ Prep parents and below you will find a range of the comments provided regarding our remote learning.

When one of my children has had significant challenges the teachers have really listened and tried to help. Mr Buckingham made time for a 1:1 which I really appreciated. The variation of each class work is good: videos, voice recording, writing etc. Creative and engaging (year three). Overall though I think the school are doing a superb job.

We have liked seeing the teachers’ faces – Mr Underwood’s pre-recorded lesson intros have been brilliant. And his scavenger hunt during lige form time was the highlight of my son’s week. Feedback across all subjects has been fabulous. Certainly couldn’t be improved upon in my opinion. Great that now housepoints are being awarded generously for home learning too. Lots of variety in lessons for the boys and I can honestly say that they have learnt a lot from every single activity they have been set. The lessons have all worked very well remotely.

Daily English drop-in has saved our home learning experience – not only from academic perspective, but also from a broader motivational perspective; my son has enjoyed the touch point with teacher & school and been more engaged & motivated with this style of learning in this sort of more collaborative forum and has had knock-on effect for other subjects. 10:30am timing great as means we have a goal before which to complete Maths. Similarly he has enjoyed the Mentoring sessions – he had huge enthusiasm for last week’s scavenger hunt.

Seeing my eldest in particular grow in independence and taking pride in his work has been a joy. Both boys enjoy time with their teachers – my youngest seems to enjoy catching up with his buddies (whom his misses greatly), while my eldest really benefits from that time with a teacher and the feedback his is given. The level of feedback the boys have had for their work has been extremely helpful and is greatly appreciated. In particular, the one on one music lesson from Mr Mankarious has been so valuable thanks to the interaction that is present.

Thank you for all the work that has gone into the remote teaching. The introductory videos for each lesson, starter tasks, different challenges of main tasks and extension tasks make it easy for my son to follow. Showbie allows him to see exactly what he needs to do and submit his work. And as full-time working parents, it has meant he remains focused and engaged (most of the time!) enabling us to both work.

Just to say a huge thank you. All the effort put into the recordings, content and feedback is SO appreciated, it all worked brilliantly. My son was so engaged and said he “loved” today – long may it continue!

Form teacher has been particularly supportive and kept my son very motivated and connected. Also been very responsive with my queries and concerns which has helped me as a parent.