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Dr Volcano at Surbiton High Girls’ Prep

Posted: 20th March 2024

As part of this term’s Volcanoes topic, Professor Dougal Jerram ‘Dr Volcano’, a volcanologist/Earth Scientist, visited the Girls’ Prep to talk to Year 3 about volcanoes. Classes have been looking at Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii in both English and Humanities and his talk gave the girls extra detail and depth from his first-hand knowledge of fieldwork on volcanoes around the globe. After helping Dr Volcano model the two main types of volcanic eruption and investigating which volcano rocks float, they came away with a good understanding of how volcano geometry relates to lava type.

Professor Dougal Jerram is the director of DougalEARTH Ltd and holds an Adjunct Professor II research position at the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics at the University of Oslo. He is also known as Dr Volcano from his appearances on the BBC, CBBC, and Discovery. He has written several books for a variety of ages on the subject of volcanoes and Earth Science. Pupils were delighted to be able to purchase signed copies of these books to help further their Geographical knowledge about Earth Science and Volcanoes.

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